Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Commercial vehicle leasing service is a more advantageous option in comparison with purchasing a vehicle for companies engaged in freight shipment and passenger transportation. Every company has to make certain expenses in order to seamlessly manage their business processes. And one of such expense items is commercial vehicles. So, companies have two choices: Purchasing or leasing commercial vehicles. Which option is more profitable for the company’s budget?

Many companies that engage with freight and transportation activities gravitate to vehicle leasing services in order to maintain capital, avoid being indebted to banks and not to pay additional expenses. Freight and transportation activities can be carried out at a more affordable cost with the commercial vehicle lease service. And Hedef Filo aims to lighten the financial burden on the companies to a great extent with its commercial vehicle lease service.

You may prefer to take advantage of the long-term commercial vehicle leasing services in order to make optimal use of company capital and to plan your budget. Hedef Filo offers passenger and commercial vehicle options as part of its long-term (from 12 to 48 months) vehicle lease services. Commercial vehicles are divided into two categories: light commercial vehicles. These vehicle models serve many purposes from product transportation to travel.

Commercial vehicle lease services that are preferred by small or large-scale companies offer many advantages. So, which features should be taken into consideration while choosing a commercial vehicle leasing company?

2.1. Industry Experience

One thing that holds great importance is the experience the commercial vehicle leasing company has in the automobile industry. The company to which you will transfer all of your company’s transportation business should be trustworthy and experienced. So, vehicle lease companies that are both experienced and trained, and having a staff that are experts in their respective fields come into prominence.

2.2. Extensive Vehicle Portfolio

Commercial vehicle leasing companies should have an extensive portfolio for light commercial vehicles. The fleet company offering various opportunities for companies that want to change their vehicle models also contributes to the successful operation of the company. Despite all the opportunities listed above, both the company and the fleet company should correctly analyze the most suitable vehicle models for the leasing company before leasing a vehicle. So that both companies can seamlessly proceed with the leasing process.

2.3. Effective Solution Process

Various risk factors may occur depending on the route used and the mileage covered by commercial vehicles. The periodic maintenance of the commercial vehicles should be carried out without delay, especially if such vehicles used during long trips. So, it is of great importance that the commercial vehicle leasing company provides high-quality, well-maintained and durable vehicles to your company. Moreover, the customer representative must find a solution without delay in the event of an accident or a malfunction.

2.4. Vehicle Tracking System

With the vehicle tracking system, you are able to view the location of the vehicles you leased for your company. The vehicle tracking system is considered advantageous for the safety of both the employees, vehicles and products, especially for commercial vehicles that travel long distances or carry valuable goods

Every company must meet their transportation, freight and travel requirement, even if such needs differ from company to company. And one of the most advantageous solutions to this problem is the commercial vehicle leasing services. Also, companies can benefit from many other advantages in addition to transportation solutions with commercial vehicle leasing services.

3.1. Preserving Company Capital

Leasing commercial vehicles eliminates any costs related to purchasing vehicles. Companies can both lease brand-new vehicles and invest in other fields with the budget allocated to purchasing vehicles.

3.2. The Opportunity to Drive a Brand-New Vehicle

While purchasing a vehicle for your company, you may need to consider second-hand vehicles due to high costs. However, with vehicle lease companies, you can obtain brand-new and luxurious vehicles suitable for your company with more advantageous payment terms.

3.3. Fixed Rental Fee

The annual rental fee payable in return for commercial vehicle leasing services is fixed. This system averts unexpected price increases and prevents the company budged to go beyond monthly and annual plans. So that company budged can be managed optimally.

3.4. Exemption from Vehicle Expenses

The fleet company covers all maintenance costs, automobile insurance and traffic insurance payments, accident repair expenses and tax payments with commercial vehicle leasing. And this becomes an important source of savings for your company.

The conditions of commercial vehicle lease depend on the leasing term of the commercial vehicle. Monthly commercial vehicle leasing service is provided to the customer for at least thirty days, whereas long-term lease service starts at 12 months. The documents required for long-term commercial lease are listed below:

  1. The copy of the company’s registration in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette
  2. Company’s certificate of activity
  3. The copy of identification cards of the company’s officials
  4. The copies driving licenses and identification cards of the persons that will use the company vehicles
  5. Company’s authorized signatures list

4.1. What are and How to Lease Operational Commercial Vehicles?

Operational commercial vehicles are commercial vehicles that are used only for intracompany transportation and personnel transportation, not for direct income generating activities. Operational commercial vehicle service is provided only to companies. This service is offered for a minimum of 12 months, and can be planned for 24, 36 and 48-month periods. Companies must possess a K2 document in order to benefit from operational commercial vehicle leasing services.

  1. Fixed rental fees of Hedef Filo does not put a strain on the budget. The payments of predetermined net and fixed fees are rendered annually.
  2. As one of the leading companies of the industry, Hedef Filo covers all expenses related to the leased vehicle such as Motor Vehicles Tax (MVT), Special Consumption Tax (SCT), periodic maintenance, tire change costs and traffic insurance payments.
  3. Hedef Filo prepares a special leasing plan for each company that is suitable for their needs
  4. Hedef Filo provides its leasing services with brand-new vehicles recently released on the market. So that, Hedef Filo brings prestige to and positively affects the image of any company.
  5. Hedef Filo offers flexibility to companies making leasing transactions, allowing such companies the ability to increase or decrease the number of their leased vehicles at any given time. Moreover, they also gain the opportunity to use their leased vehicles more freely.
  6. Companies leasing commercial vehicles from Hedef Filo can renew their vehicles provided that appropriate conditions are met.
  7. Hedef Filo offers companies the opportunity to lease electric vehicles. Electric vehicles positively contribute to the brand image of the company and attract attention with their positive impact on the environment. These vehicles also provide a comfortable and secure driving experience.
  8. Hedef Filo, with its advanced service network, provides services in 81 provinces from contracted service points. Moreover, the customer representatives continue to provide their services 24/7
  9. Hedef Filo also provides vehicle tracking system to companies upon request.
  10. Hedef Filo offers payment plans for companies’ cash flows.
  11. Hedef Filo began its journey in 2003 and with its experience in the industry and a staff consisting of experts in their respective fields, aims to provide the best service to its customers.

Light commercial vehicle leasing costs depends on the model and number of the leased vehicles. Additionally, leasing term and additional services that may be included in the agreement can also cause changes to the rental fees. If you are looking for brand-new commercial vehicles and flexible payment plans, fill out Hedef Filo’s rental offer form today to set out on a journey full of advantages!