Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer the vehicle to another company?

You can send your request by contacting your Portfolio Manager, you will receive a positive or negative feedback as a result of the evaluation.

How long can I rent?

We can rent from 12 months to 48 months in terms of your choice.

Which vehicles do you rent?

We can rent all makes and models of cars in the passenger and light commercial segments.

What are your Solution Center service hours?

Our Solution Center, which you can reach by calling 444 1 433 and serving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provides all kinds of support to our users.

How can I get a quote for the rental?

For your fleet rental transactions, you can contact our sales representatives by calling 0212 368 32 00 or make a request at

Which documents should I be sure of when the vehicle is delivered?

During the delivery of the vehicles rented by Hedef Filo, the vehicle user manual, warranty booklet, rental vehicle user manual, traffic insurance policy and vehicle license are delivered to the lessee. In addition, other equipment (traffic set, fire extinguisher, chain, spare key of the vehicle and tape code, etc.) are also delivered complete with the vehicle.

What is the advantage of the mile limited offer?

It is possible to rent a car with a more suitable monthly rental price in mileage limited rentals. In this way, unused kilometers provide savings, not costs.

Which bank do we pay for payments?

Rent payments must be made to the relevant bank accounts specified in the contract.

What documents should I submit when picking up the vehicle?

The person authorized to receive the vehicle on behalf of the Lessee can take delivery of the vehicle with a notification written on the letterhead of the Lessee company stating that she is authorized to take the vehicles in question.

Can I rent the vehicle to someone else?

Vehicles rented by the lessee cannot be rented to third parties under any circumstances.

Is the fuel cost included in the rental price?

Fuel expense is not included in the rental price.

How many cars can I rent at least?

We also serve our customers who only want one vehicle.

Can I travel abroad by car?

If there is no contrary provision in the contract and the necessary conditions are fulfilled at the same time, the vehicle can also be used abroad. You can contact Hedef Filo Solution Center at 444 1 433 to initiate the procedures and get detailed information about using your vehicle abroad.

When does the delivery process start when I rent and how are the vehicles delivered?

The delivery process is initiated by Hedef Filo upon sending the license plate of the leased vehicles, the contract annex with the delivery and return dates, to the Lessee, and the original of the contract annex, stamped and signed by the Lessee, delivered to Hedef Filo. The lessee can take delivery of his vehicle from the relevant dealer under the control of Hedef Filo Solution Center representative.

What conditions are you looking for in order to rent a car?

All companies can rent vehicles within the scope of operational fleet leasing in line with their needs.

When is the vehicle supplied when I rent?

We are able to supply the vehicles we choose in the stocks of the Manufacturer / Distributor within 7 working days after the signing of the contract.

My vehicle broke down outside of your working hours, how can I get support?

Our Solution Center, numbered 444 1 433, provides 24/7 service.

What is Fleet Management?

It is the management of the operational processes of your self-owned vehicles by Hedef Filo.

What is Operational Leasing?

It is the fulfillment of one or more vehicle needs of companies without purchasing them from a different company for a certain period of time and for a fee.

Can I rent a second hand car?

You can send your request by contacting your Portfolio Manager, you will receive a positive or negative feedback as a result of the evaluation.

Who can use the vehicle?

Personnel who work within the Lessee and who have a valid and valid license within the framework of the legal legislation can use it.

What is a Direct Debiting System?

Direct Debiting System (DDS) is a cash management system established between your company and Hedef Filo for automatic collections.

Can I extend my rental?

You can send your request by contacting your Portfolio Manager, you will receive a positive or negative feedback as a result of the evaluation.

What is the minimum and maximum km limit?

The annual minimum km limit is 10000 km and the maximum km limit is 60000 km for passenger cars and 80000 km for commercial vehicles.

What are the commercial vehicle rental conditions?

Provided that you rent at least 12 terms, the documents you can access from must be submitted.

Can I rent a commercial vehicle?

Commercial vehicle rentals for 12 to 48 months can be made from Hedef Filo.

In which cases is valet service provided?

You can get valet service for vehicle delivery, vehicle return, inspection, maintenance, breakdown and tire operations.

How can I get valet services?

You can forward your request to us from our Solution Center at 444 1 433, Hedefnet or Copilot.

The vehicle is impounded, what should I do?

You can reach Hedef Filo Solution Center at phone number 444 1 433 to communicate your assistance request. A power of attorney will be prepared and provided to you as soon as possible, enabling you to remove the vehicle from where it is impounded.

Can I have additional equipment installed on my vehicle?

No aftermarket device can be installed on the vehicles. Only original equipment approved by the authorized service can be installed on the vehicle at the contracted authorized service, with prior written consent from Hedef Filo.

Can I purchase the vehicle I am using?

If you wish, you can purchase the vehicles at favorable prices at the end of the term. For detailed information on this matter, please contact your Portfolio Manager.

How do you manage the traffic fine process?

According to the regulations that came into effect in 2021, traffic fines are issued to the lessee of the vehicle, not the owner of the license. However, if the fine is directed to Hedef Filo, the lessor, the lessee is obligated to pay all the traffic fines related to the respective vehicles during the lease period, including the possibility of holding the lessee liable in their capacity as the owner of Hedef Filo, within the legal timeframes. This period is three (3) days following the notification of Hedef Filo's payment of the fine

Can I get a logo application on the vehicle?

The lessee can have logos applied to the rented vehicles by Hedef Filo upon notifying and obtaining approval from Hedef Filo.

In case the vehicle is stolen, what should I do?

Firstly, the possibility of the vehicle being towed by traffic authorities should be checked, and information from the surrounding area should be gathered. If it is suspected that the vehicle has been stolen, the appropriate notifications should be made to law enforcement agencies. Subsequently, the Hedef Filo Solution Center should be informed about the incident by calling the number 444 1 433. In order for the request for a replacement vehicle to be fulfilled, the incident reports must have reached Hedef Filo.

My license plate is lost, what should I do?

You can report the information that your license plate is lost by opening a request through the Online Services section on our website and forwarding it to our Solution Center.

My vehicle license is lost, what should I do?

You can report the information that your vehicle license is lost by opening a request through the Online Services section on our website and forwarding it to our Solution Center.

My vehicle key is lost, what should I do?

You can report the information that your vehicle key is lost by opening a request through the Online Services section on our website and forwarding it to our Solution Center.

Can I have a vehicle recognition system installed on the car?

Through our collaboration with Shell, we offer the Fuel Management System, a Hedef Filo service that allows you to manage the fuel expenses of the vehicles in your fleet. This system assists in tracking your fuel operations and costs, enabling you to save. For more information on this product, please get in touch with your Portfolio Manager.

Can I have accessories installed on my vehicle?

You can contact your Portfolio Manager to convey your accessory request. Following the evaluation, you will receive a positive or negative response.

Can I have window tint applied to the vehicle?

You can have window tint installed on your vehicle by scheduling an appointment with our authorized service center at Solution Center number 444 1 433.

Can I choose the license plate code for the vehicle?

You can contact your Portfolio Manager to convey your request. Following the assessment, you will receive a positive or negative response.

Do vehicles have HGS?

You can request HGS by calling our Customer Services at 444 1 433. Your HGS device is provided by us and shipped to your address.

The barrier has not been lifted at the HGS toll booth, what should I do?

The barrier can be opened and the passage can be made by taking the violation pass slip from the button system at the toll booths. Then, you need to create a registration with the image of the relevant pass through Online Services on our website.

My HGS label was not read at the HGS toll booth, what should I do?

This problem may be a provisioning error caused by the institution during the transition, but after the transition, the collection will be made from the HGS label. If the problem of not reading the label is experienced frequently, you can request HGS label control from our Solution Center at 444 1 433. If the label is defective, it will be replaced.

I was given a violating pass ticket at the HGS toll booth, what should I do?

You need to create a registration with the image of the relevant pass through Online Services on our website.

Can I affix my own HGS tag to the vehicle?

Since our vehicles are delivered with HGS label definitions, unfortunately it is not possible to have your individual HGS labels attached to the vehicle.

I am receiving an AdBlue warning, what should I do?

You can have your vehicle filled with AdBlue by making an appointment with our contracted service from our Solution Center at 444 1 433.

Who covers the maintenance expenses?

During the rental period, all scheduled maintenance of the vehicles will be carried out by the Lessee for each vehicle through the authorized service centers affiliated with Hedef Filo, in accordance with the instructions provided in the manufacturer's vehicle manual, and in a manner that does not void the manufacturer's warranties. The costs associated with periodic maintenance and repairs, including necessary part replacements and related labor charges, will be covered by Hedef Filo when deemed necessary. As per the agreements established by Hedef Filo, the Lessee will be able to avail services from the authorized service centers for these maintenance activities.

What procedures are included in the scope of maintenance?

Parts that the manufacturer foresees to be changed during maintenance periods are replaced within the scope of fleet rental maintenance.

The warning light is on in my vehicle, what should I do?

You can get support about what needs to be done by calling our Solution Center at 444 1 433.

" Do I continue to pay the rental fee while the vehicle is in service?"

The time the vehicle is in service is also included in the rental price.

Is there information about the maintenance period?

You can find out your maintenance period by calling our Solution Center at 444 1 433.

Can I object to the accident report?

The contracted accident report will have the characteristics of a form filled in by the traffic police, and then the objection will be invalid. For this reason, you should fill out the form without haste, accurately and completely, and have it signed by all those involved in the accident.

The other party left the scene without a report, what should I do?

You must get the license plate of the vehicle and request assistance by calling the traffic police.

Where can I find the necessary forms for an accident report?

The forms can be sent to you by us after the fleet rental. In case of need, you can contact Hedef Filo Solution Center to make a request.

In case of an accident, who covers the damage to public property?

The damages of this kind are covered under the scope of traffic insurance with the requirement of an official report. In case it exceeds the coverage of the traffic insurance, the exceeding portion is covered by the comprehensive insurance coverage.

Is there any other document I need to take from the other party, apart from the contracted accident report?

Along with this report, photocopies of the driver's license, registration, and traffic insurance policies should also be obtained from the opposing party.

Do you cover glass damage?

Since glass damages are covered by the comprehensive insurance, glass damages are repaired at our contracted service centers, and no additional fee is required from you.

Do I still pay the rental fee while the vehicle is at the service?

In cases such as accidents or breakdowns of the rented vehicles, if the repair duration of the vehicles exceeds the duration specified in the contract, a replacement vehicle with specifications determined by Hedef Filo and deemed equivalent, will be allocated to the renter as a substitute vehicle during the repair period. The contractual process continues alongside the provision of the replacement vehicle.

What should I pay attention to when taking a report in a collision with material damage?

The accident date, time, and location where the accident occurred should be written in as much detail as possible in Sections 1 and 2 of the form. If there are eyewitnesses to the incident and they agree, their information should be written in Section 3 of the form. If there is not enough space in this section, witness statements can be provided on a blank page. Driver information, vehicle details, and traffic insurance policy information for both vehicles will be written in Sections 4, 5, and 6. (This must be filled out completely; otherwise, the report may be considered invalid.) In Section 7, the areas of impact on both vehicles should be marked (→). In Section 8, appropriate boxes should be marked with an "x" for both vehicles. A rough sketch of the collision location and moment must be drawn in Section 9. The direction of the vehicles, road markings, designations of (A) and (B) for the vehicles, street and road names, intersections if applicable, and all traffic signs must be indicated. It should be noted that these records will be registered in the Traffic Insurance Information Center (TRAMER) system, and the degree of fault in the accident will be determined by matching it with one of the predefined accident scenarios. In Section 10, drivers will write their viewpoints. If there is insufficient space in this section, a blank sheet of paper can be used. (This must be filled out completely; otherwise, the report may be considered invalid.) Section 11 is a section that each driver must sign, and in case of missing signatures in this section, the document will be considered invalid. (Each copy must bear the wet signatures of each driver.)

Whom should I hand over the accident documents and records to?

The forms will be evaluated shortly. This period is a legally defined timeframe. Therefore, you need to deliver the records to the repair service or our company by the end of the next business day at the latest.

We cannot agree with the other party in the accident with material damage, what should I do?

If you experience such a situation, you can call the police or gendarmerie as your legal right.

What should I do after the reports are taken?

After completing the necessary steps in case of an accident, you are required to contact our company's Hedef Filo Solution Center at the phone number 444 1 433 or open a request on Copilot to provide information and request service guidance. Your vehicle will be directed to the nearest affiliated repair service in your area, and the repair process will commence for your vehicle.

I had an accident, should I take a photo of the vehicle?

After an accident, it is important to take photographs of the condition of the vehicles in order to determine their status. You can use your mobile phone for this purpose. You can send the photos you have taken with your mobile phone as an email to us instantly by writing our customer service email address, which is and is also listed in the MMS sending options, in the field where the mobile phone number is written.

I had an accident with material damage, what should I do?

"First of all, the following conditions should be examined; if these conditions are met and the drivers agree on the manner in which the accident occurred, a traffic accident report for material damage should be prepared. The accident must involve multiple vehicles. Situations we classify as one-sided accidents, where no other vehicle is involved or where it is unknown who collided with a parked vehicle, are not within this scope. The accident must only involve material damage. In the case of a fatal and/or injury-causing accident, the police or gendarmerie must be called. The parties involved in the accident must have Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance (Traffic Insurance). The parties involved in the accident must possess a valid driver's license for the vehicle they were using. Drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol or have any doubts about their mental fitness. None of the vehicles involved in the accident should be public property, and no damage should have been caused to public property."

My parked vehicle has damage, what should I do?

In accidents that occur while parked, without moving the vehicle, within the city, the nearest police station should be contacted. If the incident happens outside the city, the nearest gendarmerie station should be contacted to explain the situation and to file a 'Statement and Witness Testimony Report'. After the procedures related to the report are completed, Hedef Filo Solution Center should be contacted for service arrangement.

What needs to be done in case of breakdowns and accidents outside the city?

Within the borders of Turkey, our 24/7 Solution Center provides services for directing a vehicle to the nearest repair service, whether the vehicle is in a drivable condition or not, due to breakdown or accident, by performing all necessary actions.

Is the repair done with original parts in vehicle maintenance?

Repairs are being conducted using original and equivalent parts for the vehicle.

Which repairs can I have done with a declaration?

By taking detailed photographs of the vehicle at the moment of the accident without moving the vehicle, and based on the examinations by our expert team, if there is no suspicion or doubt, regardless of the extent of the damage, repairs can be carried out through declaration.

What are the declaration limits?

Declaration limit is not applied in damage processes.

I had an accident with injury / loss of life, what should I do?

The police should be called to the scene and a police report should be kept and in case of need for a tow truck, our Solution Center should be contacted at 444 1 433.

What is the tire change procedure?

If the tires of the vehicles have been used for the number of kilometers specified in the fleet rental agreement, the tires will be replaced, and the costs of new tires and tire replacement will be covered by Hedef Filo.

Are winter tires supplied by Hedef Filo?

Hedef Filo has no obligation to install winter tires. However, if an article about winter tires is added to the contract or an additional protocol is made, it will be possible to provide snow tires.

When is a tire change done?

For safe driving in passenger cars, we recommend that you switch to winter tires in October and November. For commercial vehicles, there is a mandatory winter tire application between 1 December and 1 April.

In which cases can I get a replacement vehicle?

If the repair of the vehicle exceeds the period specified in the contract, the equivalent replacement vehicle will be delivered.

What is the segment and features of the replacement vehicle?

If a replacement vehicle is given for any reason, the replacement vehicle will be an equivalent vehicle in the same class and transmission as the rental vehicle.

I had an accident with my replacement vehicle, what should I do?

In case of an accident with the replacement vehicle, the supplier who delivered the replacement must be contacted. Guidance and information are provided by the supplier.

Do I make any payment for a replacement vehicle?

No payment is made for the daily rental fee of the replacement vehicle, but additional costs such as HGS, missing fuel, etc. must be paid.

What is the mileage limit for a replacement vehicle?

There is no mileage limit in replacement vehicles and can be used as long as the vehicle is in service.

I forgot my username, what should I do?

Your username is the e-mail address you shared when creating an account.

How can I login?

You can log in to the login screens of Hedefnet / Copilot by typing your username (email address) and password.

How can I sign up?

To register to Hedefnet; in order to obtain the information of the Hedefnet user, the relevant fields in the Hedefnet Usage Protocol sent to our customers are filled in, signed by the company official and shipped to Hedef Filo. To register with Copilot; after the application is downloaded, your E-Mail, Name, Surname, Phone Number, License Plate and License Number are entered correctly and a password must be created.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

After clicking the "Forgot Password" button on the login screens of Hedefnet / Copilot, you can log in by resetting your password with an e-mail sent to your e-mail address linked to your registered account.

When does my account shut down?

Your Hedefnet account shuts down at the end of six months following the contract expiration date of the last vehicle rented, and your Copilot account shusts down with the return of the vehicle.

On which devices can I use Hedefnet / Copilot?

Hedefnet is a web-based digital channel, you can access it from web browsers of computers and phones. Copilot is a mobile application and can be used on ios and android software.

Can I change service appointments received through digital channels?

Appointment requests sent through digital channels return to appointments after our Solution Center contacts the services. Likewise, appointment change requests that you can forward through digital channels can be changed after our Solution Center contacts the services.

Do I pay for the traffic inspection?

Exhaust emission measurement and inspection procedures for the vehicles will be carried out by the Lessee, and their fees and expenses will be covered by the Hedef Filo. For vehicles whose inspection time is due, they should contact the Hedef Filo Solution Center and get detailed information.

If any payment is made by the vehicle user or company official, can we charge you?

For our company, which has a legal personality, the addressee is the lessee company that we have signed a contract with. For this reason, all kinds of expenses and similar transactions made on our behalf will be reflected to us by the tenant company via invoice or account document. Payments related to the said expenses will be paid to the company or deducted from the rent debt.

Is there a maturity date on HGS and reflection invoices?

All reflection invoices and damages, excluding rental invoices, have to be paid in cash and in full within 3 days following the first written request of Hedef Filo.

Who covers the traffic insurance, motor vehicles tax, exhaust emission stamp costs?

Traffic insurance, taxes and fees (including vehicle stamps) are paid by Hedef Filo. Exhaust emission stamp is taken by the lessee, but its cost is covered by the Hedef Filo.

Who pays for tire damage?

If there is a Comfort Package, one of our additional products in your contract, the damage is covered by us, otherwise it is reflected to you.

Can I change my payment plan during the service process?

You can send your request by contacting your Portfolio Manager, you will receive a positive or negative feedback as a result of the evaluation.

I returned the vehicle with extra fuel, do you refund the charge?

Since the payment for the fuel taken on the vehicle was not made to Hedef Filo, it is not possible for the refund to be issued by Hedef Filo either. Therefore, we recommend that the fuel purchase be done under controlled conditions before returning the vehicle.

What should I pay attention to when returning the vehicle?

The traffic kit, fire extinguisher, and chain equipment provided along with the vehicle, along with all vehicle-specific equipment (spare key, user manual, etc.), must be delivered to the specified location together with the vehicle. During the delivery process, necessary inspections are carried out within the vehicle, and upon signing the delivery record, the vehicles are handed over. Additionally, any text, design, logo, etc., on the vehicle should be removed if present, during the return of the vehicles, and the vehicles should be returned in a clean condition. If the logo application service was provided by Hedef Filo, please contact Hedef Filo for logo removal and cleaning process.

How can I return the vehicle?

The Hedef Filo Vehicle Return Team will inform your fleet manager of the date you will return your vehicle and request you to make a reservation. At the Hedef Filo return location, an independent inspection company will perform standard checks alongside the user returning the vehicle on the reserved day and time.