With the Copilot mobile application, you can easily and quickly handle damage, breakdown, maintenance, tire, and inspection processes. With a Copilot always by your side, you can solve all your problems. Download the app and stay safe 24/7.

Copilot QR Code
Download with QR Code

You can download our application from the relevant market by scanning the QR code on the left with your smartphone.

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Download from Google Play or App Store

You can download our application from the App Store or Google Play Store with the links.

All Hedef Filo vehicle drivers can use the Copilot application.

You can download the Copilot application from Google PlayStore and App Store.

All Android (running Android 4.1 or later) and iOS (running iOS 9.1 or later) can run the Copilot application.

In order to register to the Copilot application, you must enter your E-Mail, Name and Surname, Phone Number, Vehicle Plate Number and Vehicle License Number information correctly. Additionally, the password you will be using to gain access to the application must also be chosen in accordance with the rules. After filling out all information, you can start using the application by clicking on the activation link sent to the mail address that you provided during registration.

If you forgot your password, you must first reset your current password. You can do this by clicking on the I Forgot My Password button on the application and entering the mail address that you provided during registration. Then, you can login to the application by using the temporary password delivered to your mail address and change your password.

Yes. Multiple drivers can use the Copilot application for the same vehicle. They can do this by registering to the application by filling out their information and to enter the license plate number of the relevant vehicle in the Vehicle Plate Number section.

You can click on the Account button at the left menu of the application and change your Name, Surname, Phone Number information and enter your Date of Birth, Gender and Driver’s License information. Moreover, you can upload and change your Profile Photo in this menu. You can also view, but cannot change, your Vehicle Plate Number and Mail information through this menu.

Yes. You can view, download to your mobile phone or share through various means the traffic policy of your vehicle by clicking on the Traffic Policy button at the left menu of the application.

You can share all your opinions, suggestions, and feedbacks by using the Feedback section at the left menu of the application.

You cannot change or cancel your booked appointments through the application. For such requests, you can contact our Solution Center team and take the necessary actions.