Your Long-Term Rental Advantages

  • You receive customized service according to your needs.
  • Your processes are managed with a solution-oriented approach by our expert portfolio managers.
  • Our Solution Center, providing 24/7 service, promptly responds to your needs.
  • You experience the privilege of a wide range of brand and model alternatives tailored to every requirement.
  • Our flexible payment and contract options eliminate the risk of variable conditions.
  • Your life becomes easier with our additional products and benefits.
  • You gain advantages in every aspect.

Financial Advantages:

  • We provide vehicles with affordable rental costs because we purchase them under favorable conditions
  • You can deduct monthly rental payments from the corporate tax base as expenses
  • You can deduct VAT amounts from your tax.
  • The entire second-hand value risk at the end of the lease period is covered by Hedef Filo
  • You can plan your cash flow since the rental amounts are stable and divided into equal payments.
  • You can use your bank credit limits only for your business.

Operational Advantages:

  • In the operational fleet leasing, the entire document follow-up including vehicle procurement and delivery coordination and the relevant agreements are made by Hedef Filo
  • You can benefit from free periodic maintenance service from the contracted service stations throughout Türkiye.
  • Your set of tires are replaced at specified mileages without any cost at contracted tire manufacturers with high service quality and a widespread service network throughout Türkiye. You can also benefit from tire storage service upon request.
  • Procedures that are required to be carried out after an accident is performed by our Customer Service Center 24/7 that operates under the management of an experienced team and your damage repair history is monitored meticulously.
  • If the period required for the repair of damage or malfunction exceeds 24 hours, a replacement vehicle is provided to the vehicle user to prevent the loss of labor.
  • Motor insurance, traffic insurance and motor vehicles tax is followed-up and paid by Hedef Filo.
  • You do not need to provide employment for monitoring your vehicles.