Social Responsibility

We see gender equality as one of our greatest principles. We believe that women should be more involved in the business life for the development of our country, and we support equal social opportunities for women so that they can have equal career opportunities. Today, with our 57% female employees, 55% of whom are employed at management level, we strongly support women’s employment!

We adopt the values that we want to add to our country in our company policies, sowing the first seeds of development within our organization first. Additionally, we carry out social responsibility projects that support women’s employment throughout the country.

KAGİDER – Mentoring Program for Young Women

Our goal is to ensure final year undergraduate or graduated young women to make a great start in their professional life with the Mentoring Program for Young Women Project we carry out in collaboration with KAGİDER. Our Mentoring Program for Young Women provides equal opportunities to young women in terms of access to information and mentorship.

YenidenBiz Association – Educational Project

We are always aware of the need for educated and competent female employees in business life. Moreover, we advocate that career breaks should not be an obstacle for women in professional life. The Educational Project we carry out with YenidenBiz association ensures the women’s reintegration into the business life who have taken a break.