Operational Ease

Logo Dressing / Removing

We provide logo dressing, removing, and cleaning services when requested.

We deliver the letter of request and the power of attorney after you submit the invoice for consultancy and the receipt for the traffic registration procedures.

Fuel Management System

Fuel Management System allows you to instantly purchase fuel at a discount for your company vehicles from supplier fuel stations without making any payments and can track your refueling information.

You can benefit from the offered reduced prices and maturity advantages in your fuel expenses, and view fuel consumption statistics through the system.

Driving Abroad

We oversee your business and personal travels within the scope of our distinctive Driving Abroad service, enabling you to travel abroad by vehicle.

It is sufficient to fill the form we’ll be providing you and confirm your departure date to benefit from this service. Following which, we will deliver to your address the power of attorney to travel abroad by the leased vehicle.

Sell and Gain, Lease and Gain

We sell your company vehicles at their actual value with our Sell and Gain service. We provide operational lease advantages with our Lease and Gain service and provide support in procedures such as vehicle procurement, agreement, and document follow-up. We undertake the sales operation whereas you gain the opportunity to provide cash to your company. Moreover, you also benefit from privileges such as receiving periodic vehicle maintenance service at contracted vehicle service shops for your leased vehicles at no additional cost.