Human Resources

We believe our principle of “happy customer, happy employee and happy supplier” and place our employees at the center of our business approach.

We include individual equipped with extensive business knowledge, competency and ethics in our team and support them in their personal and vocational development. We strive to create the environment necessary for our teammates to demonstrate their knowledge, talents and skills in the most efficient way possible.

At Hedef Filo, employee recruitment is one of the most important processes in terms of incorporating into our organization candidates equipped with the technical knowledge and business competency required for the relevant position who are also compatible with and will be able to contribute to our corporate culture.

Our recruitment team includes candidates to this process after meticulously evaluating the applications we receive through websites, career portals, internal applications and references.

Our Recruitment Process involves the following steps:

  • Interview Invitation and Briefing: We invite our candidates for an interview and inform them about its details in advance.
  • Interview: Our candidates are then interviewed by our recruitment team, department managers and directors in order to evaluate their technical knowledge, business competency and their suitability to our corporate culture, while they get to familiarize themselves with our company, get more detailed information regarding the position they’re applying to and talk about themselves in this pleasant and productive interview experience.
  • Assessment Tools: Various assessment tools can be implemented according to the relevant position. Some of these tools are General Aptitude Test, English Placement Test, Personal Inventory, Assessment and Development Center Application.
  • The references of the candidates who are found suitable following the interview are checked and are made an offer relevant to the position. The candidates found unsuitable are informed via mail.


At Hedef Filo, we have a salary and side benefit system that is both competitive and compliant to the company strategies. With this purpose in mind, we participate in annual salary surveys and closely monitor the salary levels of all industries.

Hedef Filo salary system is created by taking into consideration the business volume and the level of authority and responsibility of the position pursuant to the written job descriptions and based on the fields of specialization.

Salaries are monthly gross payments in Turkish Lira.

Salaries are increased once a year in January. We take inflation data, general market data and industry-specific salary data into account in determining general salary increases.

We pay a performance premium once every year by taking into considering the company’s business results and individual performance.

Private Health Insurance: We cover our employees with a Private Health Insurance commencing as of their starting date of employment in addition to the legal insurance required by the government.

Employer Contributed Private Pension System: We provide our employees in our team with the opportunity of employer-contributed Individual Retirement Plan through the Private Pension company we are affiliated with, based on their length of service.

Transportation: We provide the opportunity for central office employees to receive a daily transportation allowance based on the number of days they come to work at the office.

Company Vehicle & Mobile Phone and GSM Line: We provide a company vehicle, a GSM line and a mobile phone according to the needs of or as required by the position.

Meal Allowance: We provide meal cards to our employees in order to cover their meal expenses.

Flexible Benefits: Private Health Insurance, Employer-Contributed Individual Retirement Plan, and Meal Benefits with the option to make changes within the framework of our flexible benefits policy. Employees can choose to receive these benefits as gift cards or opt for childcare support.

Paid Leave: The annual paid leave durations for our employees are determined based on their length of service as follows:

  • For those with 1 to 5 years of service (including 5 years): 14 days
  • For those with more than 5 years and less than 15 years of service: 20 days
  • For those with 15 years or more of service: not less than 26 days
These leave days include Saturdays.


Birthday Leave: Our employees are given the right to a one-day paid leave to be used on their birthdays.

Excuse Leave: Our employees can use a 5-day excuse leave within the framework of company rules if they need to during the year.

Working Hours: Our flexible working hours are subject to a flexible time range. Our colleagues coordinate with their managers and choose from the following options: 07:00 - 16:30, 07:30 - 17:00, 08:30 - 18:00, 09:30 - 19:00, 10:00 - 19:30.

In line with the organization's main objectives, employees set their own SMART goals with their managers, aligning them with their respective responsibilities. These goals are divided into outcome and process goals. Process goals are designed to support and contribute to the achievement of outcome goals. Process goals are evaluated within three-month periods throughout the year, and necessary changes and directions are provided at the end of each quarter.

Outcome goals are more comprehensive and can be considered as the overall assessment of the entire year. At the end of the year, both process and outcome goals are evaluated according to their weights to determine employees' performance levels. At Hedef Filo, employees' performance levels are rewarded through an annual bonus system and are considered for promotions and transfers in line with their personal career plans.

Hedef Filo Performance Management Process consists of three main stages:

  • Setting Planning Process and Outcome Goals
  • Quarterly Process Goal Evaluation and Review Period for Next Quarter Goals
  • Year-End Outcome Goal Evaluation Period

Hedef Filo employees can transfer to roles within the company based on their performance. The high-performance-based career system allows for promotions and transfers, and individual development planning is followed through year-end calibration meetings. This way, employees are supported to be ready for their new positions in advance.

Project and Strategic Focus Area Rewards: At the end of each year, surprise gifts are given to individuals who have contributed to the projects and strategic focus areas completed during the year, following evaluations.

Seniority Rewards: We present seniority rewards to our colleagues who’ve completed their 5, 10 and 15 years of service in our company at our Vision Meeting.

New Year’s Gifts: In our traditional "Dilek Ağacı" themed New Year's draw, the gifts they have won will be presented to a certain number of our employees.

Other Special Day Gifts: We offer our employees various special day celebration gifts such as shopping vouchers during the other special days of the year.

Vision Meetings:  “Vision Meetings” are organized once a year, where our managers evaluate the past year and communicate the goals for the following year to all employees. This way, all our employees have the opportunity to access much clearer information about the company's objectives and vision.

Strategy Meetings:  These meetings are organized twice a year with the participation of all managers, where they evaluate the past year and, considering their forecasts for the upcoming periods, strategize the main objectives that will guide the company.

Roue Meetings:  These meetings are organized structured on a quarterly basis. Each quarter, our managers evaluate the achievement of past quarter's goals and communicate the targets they will pursue in the next quarter.

Employee Effectiveness Survey: Every year, an employee engagement survey is conducted to gather the opinions and feedback of our employees.

Surprise Day: Our employees may encounter unexpected surprises in the office during these days that we organize for our employees.

Internal Communication: Through meetings such as Well-Come Talks, For Us Talk, Hedef Talks, Happy Hour, and Birlikte Daha Güçlüyüz, we aim to regularly come together with our colleagues from different participant groups and maintain continuous communication at specific intervals.

Hedef Academy is established to contribute to our employees’ personal and vocational development. We intend for our employees to happily carry on their tasks while adapting to our corporate culture from the starting date of their employment.

We believe that knowledge is the greatest power. For this reason, we have created many training programs within the umbrella of Hedef Academy to enlighten our employees both personally and professionally.

We created these training programs to contribute to the development of not only our employees, but also nearly 6000 of our customers.

Our goal is to ensure that our employees can learn in an efficient and enjoyable manner using the latest systems and methods.

We support our employees not only through our technical and vocational development trainings, but also with personal development trainings. We organize trainings aimed to increasing the individual awareness of our employees with our Practical Classroom program, which is open to the participation of all our employees.

We create our own personalized training programs and implementing such programs to be more permanent and personalized by using various methods rather than a single method.

The content of our programs:

    • Our Vocational Development Programs
      • Sales Development Program
      • Call Center Development Program
      • Manager Development Program
      • Manager Candidate Development Program
      • Department Based Development Programs
      • Title Based Development Programs
      • External Conferences and Seminars
    • Our Orientation – Job Adaptation Process Programs
      • Technical Trainings
      • On-the-Job Trainings
      • Buddy Practice
      • Repetition Trainings
    • Our Personal Development Programs
      • Practical Classroom
      • Foreign Language Support
      • Open Classroom External Trainings
    • Our Technical Development Program
      • Safe Driving Trainings
      • Advanced Driving Techniques Trainings
    • Classroom Trainings
    • Online Trainings
    • Mobile Trainings
    • On-the-Job Trainings
    • Training Content Development
    • Our Training Specialists
    • Internal Trainers
    • Consulting Companies