Surprise-Free Invoices

Price Guarantee

We prevent you from encountering any surprise costs in agreements where you request to make a mileage revision by fixing the price. We provide price guarantee for any possible mileage revisions.

Comfort Package

We undertake all costs that may arise from user errors, mechanical malfunctions, and unforeseen risks, and do not charge you with extra costs. So that we eliminate financial and operational follow-up procedures.

Vehicle Return Assurance

We include the security deposit against general automobile body damages, general cleaning costs and other expenses that may occur due to vehicle use period into the monthly rental fees and prevent any surprise costs after the vehicle is returned.

Voluntary Financial Liability

Compulsory Traffic Insurance covers within the legal limits all material damages and personal injuries caused by the owner of the vehicle and the amounts that exceed such legal limits are covered by us within the scope of our Voluntary Financial Liability (VFL) product.

Personal Accident Insurance

We compensate within the policy limits any accidents that cause loss of life or injuries.

Excess Insurance

Our insurance product covers damages incurred by third parties only. It covers amounts exceeding Voluntary Financial Liability limits. We cover single accident amounts specified for each accident within the policy limits, regardless of the number of occurrences or vehicles.

Lost Key Insurance

We undertake any responsibility in connection with the expenses that may arise in the event of the loss or the theft of your vehicle’s key. We do not request any additional costs for the preparation of a new key.