Our Brands & Subsidiaries

Filomingo is the digital brand of Hedef Filo

Filomingo is the digital brand of Hedef Filo, designed with a focus on individual entrepreneurs and professionals, offering a rich selection of products tailored to their needs. At Filomingo, customers can lease brand new vehicles with self-service online transactions or receive video consultation support, with lease terms starting from 12 months.

Voltify is the electric vehicle rental subsidiary of Hedef Filo.

Voltify is a 100% subsidiary of Hedef Filo and Turkey's first and only subscription-based electric vehicle platform that allows businesses and individuals to lease electric vehicles for a period of 3 to 12 months. It enables users to truly integrate electric vehicles into their lives and experience them firsthand. By taking care of tasks such as insurance, maintenance, and repairs of the vehicles, Voltify makes users' lives easier, allowing them to focus solely on the driving experience and enjoyment.

  • Voltify offers an easy experience: With its user-friendly interface and simplicity-focused approach, Voltify allows you to complete your application process within minutes.
  • Voltify is fast: While traditional processes for deciding, selecting, and procuring the electric vehicle you prefer can take months, with Voltify, you can start enjoying your car within just a few days.
  • Voltify provides flexibility: You can experience all the electric vehicles you are curious about with different mileage and duration options. It offers diversity that allows you to choose a different vehicle for your next transaction according to your changing needs.
  • Voltify is based on an environmentally conscious approach: Unlike the common car technology of our day, which is internal combustion engines, you use electric vehicles that offer zero carbon emissions.