With our wide ranging fleet leasing service, our main goals are raising standards of our customers and helping them to be successful in their corporate life by providing privileged vehicle and fleet solutions to them. With the biggest customer management team of Turkey, our company serves its customers with more than 240 staff members in its offices in İzmir, Bursa, Ankara and Adana as well as 2 offices in Istanbul.

We provide solutions for the needs of our customers with our expert staff which has a good grasp of operational leasing processes and is experienced in this industry. Our customers prefer us because we provide a high service standard throughout Turkey, we customize our services for specific need of them and we stand out with applications that make a difference in our industry. We can supply to our customers any car they wish for as long as they want and they can pay in any currency and with payment plans tailored for them and get different services. With these features we facilitate the lives of our about 6.000 corporate customers and create a difference for them.

It's a pleasure for us to hear you defining our job briefly as "offering a reliable solution partnership".