Cost and Tax Advantages

  • Vehicles are purchased under favorable conditions, hence affordable leasing costs.
  • Monthly leasing costs are deductible from corporation tax base.
  • VAT on the leasing invoice is eligible for deduction provisions.

Financial Relief

  • Pre-owned value risk of the vehicle at the end of the term is assumed entirely by Hedef Fleet Services .
  • Leasing values are equal and fixed, thus you may better plan your cash flow.
  • Use your credit lines at banks for performing your business activities.
  • Ease of budgeting.

Operational Convenience

  • All kinds of document tracking including vehicle supply and delivery coordination as well as the contract is performed by Hedef Fleet Services in operational fleet leasing.
  • Free-of-charge periodic maintenance service in contracted service locations throughout Turkey.
  • Free-of-charge one set tire change at specified kilometers in accordance with the contracts signed with high quality tire manufacturers featuring broad service network throughout Turkey. Moreover, tire storage service is available upon request.
  • Procedures in the event of an accident are performed under the supervision of an expert team tracked 24/7 by the Customer Services Department, and damage repair works are tracked meticulously.
  • In the event that damage or fault repair works exceed 24 hours, a substitute vehicle is provided to the vehicle user in order to prevent workforce loss.
  • Motor insurance, traffic insurance and motor vehicle tax are tracked and paid by Hedef Fleet Services .
  • No need to employ personnel for vehicle tracking.